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Clear, concise results with expert guidance, interpretation and tailored advice.

Unilabs provides a comprehensive range of predictive genetic testing as well as diagnostic and pharmacogenetic testing.

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We can support you in helping families make decisions about the future.

Next-generation sequencing techniques

Sequencing is no longer a question of analysing one gene at a time. The emergence of rapid, high-throughput next-generation sequencing techniques has led to new diagnostic strategies. Whole-genome and whole-exome analysis can now be performed in a few weeks at reasonable costs. Unilabs can advise you on the best technology to apply, depending on the clinical question. 

Disease-specific panels

Gene panel tests are designed to analyse a set of disease-associated genes in a cost-effective manner. Between two and several hundred genes with an established role in the disease in question are sequenced in parallel. Panel testing is most valuable for diagnosing conditions with well-defined phenotypes. Unilabs has panel tests for a wide range of clinical areas.