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Why Choose Unilabs

Unilabs Genetics is part of the Unilabs Group of diagnostic companies.

Being a part of Unilabs' international network of clinical laboratories, radiology facilities and digital pathology services allows us to benefit from an integrated approach to diagnostics.

For many of our customers this means we are better able to deliver more holistic and personalised treatment decisions.

Although our accreditations and industry-leading quality standards make us an ideal partner, it is ultimately our people that make the real difference: highly motivated, highly skilled and deeply passionate, they provide the answers that help give care to millions of patients every year.

At Unilabs Genetics, we strongly believe in building partnerships that go beyond static results. We take great pride in using our diagnostic expertise to help customers make the most effective, efficient and impactful treatment decisions.

Whether you require a routine screening test or access to a highly advanced and esoteric test menu, Unilabs Genetics looks forward to working with you.

Want to know the value that a partnership with Unilabs Genetics can bring? Find out more below.


Meet Our Experts
Over 25 years of experience in clinical genetic testing.
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Our Network
More than 260 labs across the globe that make use of the most advanced technologies and have world-class capabilities.
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Quality Assurance
In Unilabs you have a true diagnostics partner.
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Download our Unilabs Genetics brochures.
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